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2016-08-18 10:27 am
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Information for City of Ariel

Concrit Post * IC Contact/Voicemail * Kinks and Permissions (18+) Application

Information for Tanagura

Concrit Post * IC Contact/Voicemail * Kinks and Permissions (18+) Application


Maraich has a past that includes child abuse and sexual violence. If this makes you uncomfortable, please let me know here so I know not to bring it up with your characters. (Please mention which characters you play so I can make sure I know all of them!)

Please let me know if you're fine with me bringing it up, too!
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2015-04-18 05:50 pm
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Application for City of Ariel


□ Name: Emeryl
□ Age: 31
□ Contact: AIM: Emeryl Tekutsu
Plurk: Maraich
□ Journal: (I don't have a personal journal on DW. I only use "Maraich").
□ Do you play anyone in Ariel?: No

NSFW Content underneath. )
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2015-04-18 04:46 pm
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Tanagura Application

_NAME: Emeryl
_PLURK: [ profile] Maraich
_AGE: 32

The application that started it all. )
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2015-02-21 11:17 am
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Tanagura IC Contact/Voicemail

Hello! This is Maraich, please leave a message.
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2014-03-27 06:41 pm

IC: Contact

Hello. This is Maraich. Please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

[ voicemail | text | e-mail | phone calls | video ]
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2012-01-24 05:09 pm
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Concrit post!