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_NAME: Emeryl
_PLURK: [ profile] Maraich
_AGE: 32

_CHARACTER'S NAME: Maraich (Juschenfe might be his last name but it's unconfirmed in the series)
_CANON: Patalliro!
_CANON POINT: Chapter 192.
_CHARACTER'S HAIR COLOR: Strawberry blond.
(You may find different versions of his hair color. In some of the colored manga pictures, he is extremely blond: NSFW
The hit TV series gave him darker, more orange-ish hair for a redhead:
And then the manga came around and started giving him slightly darker hair sometimes:
I like the strawberry blond/redhead with blue eyes version.)

_TANAGURA (elite) OR MIDAS (mongrel)?: Tanagura
_HOUSING PREFERENCE: Any room in "Eos Tower"

The wiki doesn't have much, but this provides a brief summary of most of the available chapters:
I've actually been translating the series for almost ten years now, so the translations and information about each manga/chapter I created myself so far are here:
(Please note, the Caithion site was started before I began translating. It was pretty much the only Patalliro! site in existence back then, so it isn't influenced by my translations.
Whoever wrote the Wikipedia page did read my translations.
There are occasional errors on both.)

_ABILITIES: Maraich is a "normal" human without any super powers in his series. He is, however, a skilled fighter. He's a martial artist (he's taken "all of them" according to the series) and knife thrower, in particular. The Count who raised him was also a weapons collector, and he's shown easily picking up and using a variety of weapons with great skill (for example, he uses guns, as well as whips).
Though he doesn't technically have any powers, he does have the power of doing things that would never work in reality, like ricocheting a knife off a wall to stab someone in the back.

Like all of the characters in Patalliro!, Maraich has extreme personality traits. On the negative side, his most prominent ones are his jealous and violent nature. He is in a committed relationship (on his end) with Major Bancoran, who is a cheater (who really does cheat on Maraich, it's not a "misunderstanding" like many series play such relationships off), so there is some basis for his jealousy. When he gets suspicious of Bancoran, he'll do things like hit re-dial on his phone or stalk him. At one point he goes so far as to use a lint roller to clean Bancoran's suit just so he can check for foreign hairs that shouldn't be there.

And when Bancoran is caught? Usually a fight breaks out. Maraich readily beats him up or attempts to injure the other boys that he's cheating with (or who are only at the point of trying to gain Bancoran's attention). In one case, he let Prince Rashanu hang out the window of a tall building for a little while because of his jealousy over the man. Mararich did pull him up, however, and later felt bad about the incident. In several cases he ends up feeling sorry for the boy who lost the 'fight' over Bancoran, because he's very afraid that one day he will be the one to lose and he understands how much that hurts.

Mariach isn't all jealousy and anger, of course. In his day to day life he's peppy and friendly. He's shown to be both well known and liked by the neighborhood kids, which heavily illustrates his social nature. He's actually very playful, cute, and energetic. He's also perfectly capable of making friends with people he starts out at odds with. The reason he almost never has any friends around is because he fears that Bancoran will seduce and sleep with anyone that hangs around him. His first real, close, friend ends up being a pretty boy named Hidemaro, who is 'immune' to Bancoran's seduction.

Maraich's main relationship is with Bancoran. They fight a lot, as shown above, but they also trust each other with their lives. When a body double tries to take Maraich's place, Bancoran pretends that he's going to shoot them both to determine which is the real Maraich. Maraich stands firmly in place knowing that Bancoran would never shoot him. In turn, when Bancoran is going to an island full of assassins who are after him, the only person he takes with him is Maraich.

Trigger warning: Maraich has a horrible past of being a sexual abuse victim, pedophilia victim, and violence that I must make mention of and will do below.

Maraich's other major relationship was with a man named Count Larken. Maraich's parents died when he was young, and the family lawyer took their money and threw Maraich into a boarding school. Since he was alone and vulnerable, he was targeted by a pedophile at the school. The gardener befriended him, then began abusing him. At first Maraich rationalized this as them being 'lovers'. When he realized he was being used, he ran away from the boarding school.

He was later picked up off the street by Count Larken and taken home. Count Larken was part of an international crime organization, and from the time he took Mariach in, he raised him to be an assassin for it. He also made Maraich one of his lovers. The other boys who were similarly cared for by Count Larken didn't like Maraich because he got the most attention, and he was often attacked by them. On top of that, Count Larken trained him by pitting him against fully grown, well-armed men. He was often left badly hurt by this. This abusive past is the source of his overly violent and sometimes volatile nature.

Despite the abuse, Maraich loved Count Larken. He was genuinely sad when the Count died, and when the Count's twin shows up, it's emotionally difficult for him to deal with. Maraich is not blind to the fact that what he went through with the Count was wrong - that much is clear when he describes his first sexual encounter with the Count and how the man taunted him after it just to see the devastated look on his face. But Maraich is also an intrinsically loyal person, and they formed a sick and twisted relationship that he truly cared about.

It's a relationship that has shaped Maraich's outlook on life and and what should be important. While he can recognize that what was done to him is wrong, it doesn't mean he's able to stop himself from following the same patterns of abuse with his new lover. He is terrified of being abandoned and he places the whole of his self-worth on Bancoran and how Bancoran treats him. He both expects and fears being abused physically by the man, to the point that when Maraich was once overpowered and raped by another, he believed Bancoran was mad at him for it and going to kill him. He believed it and still sat quietly, not defending himself, while Bancoran raged over the incident. He is completely surprised at the end of the outburst when it comes out that Bancoran wanted to kill his rapist and not Mariach.

That's why his mental state is such a hurricane of emotions. He has deep-set issues that come out in extreme situations while the rest of the time he appears completely normal (for the most part). He can easily swing from being very confident in himself and his abilities to incredibly vulnerable.

To note, Maraich is also very clever and recognized as such by the other characters. He's taken over a case for Bancoran (volume 21), solved "impossible crimes" committed by a master criminal named Dumont (volume 28-29), and in chapter 192, when they're trying to solve another impossible crime, the first thing the titular character, Patalliro, does when he arrives is ask Maraich directly if he's "figured it out yet" because he knows how good Maraich is at solving puzzles. Maraich has his insecurities, many of them, but he's a competent person.

_ITEMS: Maraich will arrive with a simple red blouse and pink pants combo. He'll also have his throwing knives. They're simple straight knives with burgundy handles and a gold trim.


[Maraich had time to consider his new 'home', learning how things worked and what was expected of people. He didn't understand why hair was so important. A nice head of hair was great, sure, but what did hair color have to do with worth? Bancoran had long, black hair and he was the most wanted man in London.

Regardless of what he thought, he was limited in what he could do here. He couldn't simply skip through the tower with friends from Midas, and the people in Midas lived in... well, slums. He would be happy to let his friends stay with him instead if he was allowed, but there were only two ways they were allowed in Eos Tower. He couldn't bear to bring someone is as a "retainer". Keeping prisoners in his home wasn't for him.

The only other option was pets. It was bizarre to think of bringing his friends home as "pets". It made him reluctant to bring it up, but that reluctance left them in the harsh environment outside. That wasn't any good, either. Maybe he even took too much time considering it, since he had plenty of luxuries to indulge in while he mulled it over.

He finally came to the conclusion that the best thing to do would be ask the residents of Midas themselves. He created a simple video while relaxing on his couch.]

Good morning. I have a question for the residents of Midas. How do you feel about... "pets"? Love it? Hate it? Want to be one?

...Hate it but want to be one anyway?

_SMUT LOG SAMPLE: Warnings: Underage.

Maraich leaned against the door frame of the smoking lounge. He popped up in the area once in awhile - not because he was a smoker, but because it had a dark atmosphere that he was used to. The people who wandered through had an air of deceit and mischief - the type who would have the latest underground news if one could take what they said at face value.

However, today his eyes were locked on a young boy who didn't belong at all. Wide-eyed and clearly out of his element, the boy was desperately struggling to fit in. Possibly one of the boys who had recently "come of age" and been brought to the city. A large man lounging on one of the pillow, taking a drag, had caught the boy's interest. It only took a glance at the man's stern demeanor to know that the boy would be in way over his head if he successfully attracted his attentions. Luckily, his inexperience made him jittery and he fidgeted in place a few yards away, casting the occasional glance in the man's direction. One step, a pause, and then he would second guess himself and flee back to his safe corner.

After watching this for a few minutes, Maraich pushed off of the frame and strutted across the floor of the lounge, making a beeline for the boy. He wasn't tall or large like the man lounging, but the way he held his shoulders back and kept his head up gave him an air of strength. He managed to get within a few feet of the boy before he was noticed. He swept in, took the boy's hand, and brought the back of it to his lips with a small bow. At 5'4", Maraich was the same size as he was, and actually slimmer in physique. He certainly wasn't the type that the boy had been checking out, and the boy regarded him with an uncertain stare.

"I'm Maraich. And you are?" He straightened to meet him eye to eye.

He fidgeted, eyes flicking towards the lounging man again as Maraich drew his attention in another direction. "Kai."

"You look like you're new here. Let me show you around." Maraich's hand lingered on the boy's, dragging him along as he walked away and their arms pulled taut. Kai followed, glancing back at the room as he was led away.

That was a good thing in Maraich's mind. He'd have been eaten alive in there by wolves. Maraich, at least, had some concern for his well-being. If the nervous boy wanted to dive in with the big boys he was going to have to learn the basics first.

Maraich led him around the tower, and the longer Kai was with him the more he warmed up to him, until Maraich steered him towards his apartment. He pushed the door closed with a finger, taking a step towards Kai. Reaching for his collar, his fingers nimbly undid the small ascot he was wearing, the fabric snaking around his neck as he pulled it off. Kai gulped and stood stiff while the soft fabric brushed the back of his neck.

It dropped to the floor, and Maraich advanced on him. Kai stepped backwards as he aggressively stepped into his space, and Maraich herded him towards the bed until the back of his legs bumped against the fabric. With his fingers on the boy's chest, it only took a small push to get him down on the bed. He unbuttoned the shirt so that it hung open, revealing a soft, hairless chest. Kai was already breathing heavily, leaning back on his elbows as he watched Maraich work his way down to his pants.

The zipper came down and his hands tugged the hem of the pants until they were around the boy's thighs, along with the briefs underneath, leaving his length exposed to the cool air. He admired it for a moment before he dropped to one knee and touched his lips to his stomach, leaving a trail of butterfly kisses until his warm breath caressed the already half-aroused cock. His lips grazed over the skin. The boy shuddered, inexperienced and tender. He might have had his eyes on the larger men before, but Maraich had his attention now.

His lips wrapped around the head, his fingertips holding up the rest of his length. His cock was quickly engulfed in the hot, wet mouth. Maraich savored the smooth skin. The boy's thighs wrapped around him. As he stroked his upper leg with one hand, the other massaged his sack, all while he swallowed his cock up and pressed so hard into him that he pushed him against the bed, pinning him. Not that the boy was resisting either way. His fingers were clamped onto the bedspread as he writhed about helplessly, thrusting sporadically.

Maraich drew a line up the bottom of his length with his tongue. The hand on his leg rested on his hip and held him as his body jerked about. By now the room was filled with the sounds of hitched breaths and whimpers. His finger traced over the bit of sensitive skin between his sack and his entrance, teasing at something that he wouldn't be having today. His entrance puckered when his finger rolled in a circle around it, rubbing all the nerves but leaving him unfilled.

Squeezing his trembling hips, Maraich's head bobbed up and down over the cock. The boy's ass didn't even touch the bed anymore as he arched his back and held himself up. There was a slight salty taste as a sheen of sweat covered his skin. Maraich sucked harder, and just like that the boy tensed up a burst of cum squirted into his mouth. It was sweet and thick, and Maraich swallowed it up readily, suckling every last bit from his cock. It started to shrink and he let it slip from his mouth, his entire body slackening. Maraich's grip on him loosened and he let the boy go limp.

Pushing on his knee, Maraich stood up. He let the boy rest until he had his bearings again. Eventually he buttoned Kai's clothes back up himself as the boy was like an excitable puppy, fascinated by him now and perhaps hoping for a second round. He was patient, used to that type of attention, until finally he saw him off. Making himself a hot cup of tea, he took a seat at his table and sipped gingerly at it. Looked like he was going to have to deal with a puppy nipping at his heels for a few days.



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